PolyPacific has extensive experience in polypropylene compounds specifically developed for the automotive sector.  Some of the grades we offer to this industry segment are:


  • Talc-filled custom coloured polypropylene compounds
  • Mar resistant, UV and heat stabilised variants
  • Typically used for interior trim and under bonnet applications


  • Impact modified polypropylene compounds
  • Typically used for high impact applications such as bumper facias and instrument panels


  • Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene compounds – for rigid components such as fan blades
  • High heat resistant polypropylene compounds- for components exposed to elevated temperatures


  • Unfilled custom coloured polypropylene compounds – including mar resistant, UV and heat stabilised variants
  • Interior trim applications
The automotive industry uses a wider range of polypropylene based compounds than any other industry, all of which exploit the fundamental advantages of polypropylene.
Applications range from bumper facias weighing several kilograms to control knobs weighing a few grams.

Processes include injection moulding, low pressure moulding, blow moulding, sheet extrusion and thermoforming and profile extrusions.

Grades range from custom colours/stabilised homopolymer resin through to fully chemically coupled glass reinforced compounds, with many newer applications requiring tailor-made properties to optimise performance and minimise cost.

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