Polyolefin Compounds, Masterbatches and Elastomers


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Other than being a polyethylene / polypropylene compounder, creating masterbatches is a key component in PolyPacific's future strategy. The primary advantage of creating masterbatches at PolyPacific is that it allows processors to colour natural polymers economically. In addition to being Australia's leading manufacturer of modified polypropylenes, PolyPacific aims to be a quality supplier of masterbatches and expand this technology into the Asia Pacific region.

What are masterbatches?

Masterbatches are comprised of colour, UV and/or Heat stabilisers that are added to a carrier (i.e. polypropylene) in a concentrated form. When added to a natural polymer at low addition rates, a masterbatch will alter the colour, UV and/or heat stability properties of that polymer. Masterbatches can be supplied at loadings up to 70% by weight and would typically be let down into natural polymers at between1% and 5% addition rate. PolyPacific's Improve, range of masterbatches can be tailor made to suit your colour, heat or UV requirements.

Broadly speaking a masterbatch is a modified polypropylene that is created when a solid product is added to a natural carrier material to alter colour, UV and/or heat stability properties. This concentrated compound can then be encapsulated during heat processing into a carrier resin which can then be cooled and processed into its required shape. Either the masterbatch white or mineral filled grades (or combinations of these grades) can be supplied at loadings up to 70% by weight with the dispersion necessary for:

  • Thin opaque BOPP/CPP films
  • Paper coatings
  • Tape
  • Strapping
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In most cases our masterbatches require tight additive control and moisture proof packaging. Fresh product and regular stock rotation is recommended for our masterbatches and PolyPacific's policy is to make to order for our customers rather than hold stock against the flow of demand.

PolyPacific specialises in four major optic masterbatch categories that are used in the BOPP/CPP film production process. This includes:

  • Optic S, Optic AS and Optic AB: To impart surface performance (slip, anti-block, and anti-static respectively),
  • Optic P:To enhance Optic appearance (matt, white and pearlescence), and;
  • Physical property modification (stiffening).

Surface modification (slip or anti-static) masterbatches can also be applied to applications such as:

  • Strapping
  • Profile extrusions
  • Sheet and foil
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PolyPacific's real strength is our ability to customise and manufacture masterbatches to individual and business requirements. This service is available to suit any manufacturers, exact specifications and can incorporate high pigment loadings where necessary. Spun- bond fibre producers also utilise high white content masterbatch and the base resin is chosen to match the demanding flow and dispersion requirements. Our research and development team monitor and control both the additive and moisture levels throughout the entire manufacturing process using up-to-date technology. Testing facilities that we use for this quality control at PolyPacific include High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Fourier Transform infra-red analysis. Our customers whether in Australia or the Asia Pacific, can be assured that PolyPacific regularly sends product specialists from our head office into the region to provide informed and relevant sales and technical support.

All of PolyPacific's Optic masterbatches are formulated to the food contact regulations set by the Australian Standard AS2070, Part 5 and the additives used meet international approval including the United States F.D.A.