Polyolefin Compounds, Masterbatches and Elastomers

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R & D

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PolyPacific is a leading regional specialist in polyolefin compounds, masterbatches and elastomers, backed by an in-house Research & Development team that is dedicated in its focus on this polymer group.

Over the years this team has developed extensive formulation technology, which has kept PolyPacific and its product range at the leading edge of technology in this expanding group of thermoplastic compounds.

PolyPacific is a LyondellBasell JV company and this allows for a global interchange of technology and ideas. This enables PolyPacific to offer both local grades and global grades to meet customer needs.

The continuing changes in market needs mean that technology is the key requirement for success in today's polypropylene compounds market. PolyPacific's continued commitment towards R & D, together with leading raw material suppliers, ensures that it continues to be at the forefront of innovations in polypropylene compounds.

The PolyPacific laboratories are equipped with some of the most sophisticated testing and analytical equipment. This equipment, operated by highly trained specialists, is fundamental for checking new raw material inputs and is being used as a tool to develop many new and exciting grades, extending the property boundaries of polypropylene compounds into areas that have been the traditional province of engineering plastics.

PolyPacific has manufactured polypropylene compounds for over three decades. The continuing innovation in materials development has seen PolyPacific's grade range grow from relatively basic mineral reinforced polypropylene compounds to the most extensive range of products offered by a polyolefin compounding company within the Asia-Pacific region.

Grades include:CortonTalc filled Polypropylene compounds
  Calcium Carbonate filled Polypropylene compounds
  Barium sulphate filled Polypropylene compounds
  Wollastonite filled polypropylene compounds
  High heat polypropylene compounds
 ExtronGlass fibre reinforced polypropylene
  Glass Fibre & mineral filled polypropylene
 RetpolV0 polypropylene
  V2 polypropylene
  Flame retardant polypropylene
  Non halogenated polypropylene
 EpalexImpact modified polypropylene
  Rubber modified Talc filled PP
  High Impact PP
 PolycompUV stabilised polypropylene
  Custom coloured PP
 SeblexSEBS compounds