Polyolefin Compounds, Masterbatches and Elastomers

Pipe Striping, Jacketing, Coatings, Connectors / Fittings, Valves  

Pipeline Coating

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PolyPacific has a long history in the supply a full range of polypropylene based grades for the oil & gas pipeline coatings, pipe connectors / compression fittings, garden sprinklers and stripping. PolyPacific have also supplied custom coloured polybutylene compounds for speciality pipe requirements.

More recently this has expanded into the supply of high opacity custom coloured polyethylene for striping and jacketing / coating. Already PolyPacific has the widest range of colours approved by the Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia Limited (PIPA). The full list of current approvals can be found on the PIPA website.

A full range of polyolefin grades suitable for Pipe striping / Jacketing include:

  • Blue / Dark Blue – Water – PE100
  • Pale Yellow - Gas – PE80
  • Yellow – Gas – PE 100
  • Lilac – Recycled / reclaimed water
  • White – Communications conduit
  • Green - Rural / water tank / Dam Water
  • Red – Fire Services Water
  • Cream / Beige – Grey – Sewer

International Standards call for many different colours and variations within a standard can be supplied to assist in making easy identification of the manufacturer. Contact PolyPacific to discuss your specific colour requirement.

Oil & Gas Pipeline Coatings

For Oil & Gas pipe line coatings PolyPacific can offer local manufacturing of LyondellBasell Moplen Coat (Licensed Trade Mark of LyondellBasell) grades within Malaysia & Australia Pipe Couplings / Compression Fittings.

PolyPacific offers a wide range of grades including Glass fibre, Reinforce Polypropylene (Extron) and Garden fittings grades have been developed for tight specification applications include pop up sprinklers, filters, drippers etc.

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