Polyolefin Compounds, Masterbatches and Elastomers

Polypropylene and Thermoplastic Product Information 

R & D

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Via our extensive research and development in compounds, resins and polymers both in Australia and in South East Asia, PolyPacific is capable of developing resins to suit any particular application, including - but not limited to - automotive, furniture, industrial and white goods/appliances. This broad spectrum has allowed PolyPacific to be one of Australia's leading polypropylene compound suppliers.

The modification of polyolefins by the use of fillers, reinforcement agents, impact modifiers and flame retardants is done to create a new family of thermoplastic polymers and elastomers.

These materials improve and extend the properties of polyolefins and provide a cost effective alternative to many high cost engineering thermoplastics.

Over many years PolyPacific has developed the most comprehensive range of polyolefin compounds, masterbatches and elastomers available and continues to develop new materials.

R & D

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Thus we further expand the grade range and properties by taking advantage of the latest advances in polymer, filler and processing technology.

As well as an extensive range of standard polyolefin compounds and elastomers, PolyPacific manufactures hundreds of grades that are custom-made to meet end-user specifications.

PolyPacific compounds are used in appliances both small and large. Ranging from kettles and vacuum cleaners to dishwashers and washing machines, PolyPacific has modified polymers that can meet many structural and appearance applications.

The automotive industry can be assured that PolyPacific can meet all requirements relating to safety, appearance and structural requirements.

In the highly competitive area of stadium and auditorium seating, institutional chairs and garden furniture, PolyPacific is more than able to meet the technical input required.

R & D

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With regard to industrial products, PolyPacific is equipped to provide polymers such as compounds, masterbatches and resins.

New reinforcement and polymer technology in thermoplastic polymers, allowing high gloss, improved impact rigidity balance and high heat performance, has led to an increase in the usage of these compounds in the production of white goods.

Choosing a Polypropylene Grade

A polypropylene grade is rarely selected on the basis of a single property or characteristic. Selection is based on our technical team establishing the essential requirements of the product and application and matching these with a choice of polypropylene grades to select one with the optimum balance of properties; does the product require high gloss, improved impact, rigidity and/or high heat performance?

Where the particular requirement is seen to be outside the current range of grades then PolyPacific's technical centre is able to assist with product development. Many different parameters are possible; our current range is a perfect example. Developed over more than 30 years, our current range contains hundreds of custom-made compounds and resins. Of course, if our customers have a specification for a product, we are able to formulate product to that specification.

For more information call +613 9793 6000 or email us at customerservice@polypacific.com.au.

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