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New reinforcements and polymer technology in polypropylene compounds enabling high gloss, improved impact, rigidity balance and high heat performance have led to an increase in the production of white goods and smaller appliances utilising modified polypropylenes. PolyPacific compounds and resins have been leading the white goods market expansion due to the variety of products now more readily available to the consumer by replacing traditional metal and more expensive thermoplastic materials. Our compounds and polymers, having both high gloss and a good balance of physical properties, allow the manufactured white goods to be structurally sound as well as aesthetically appealing.

Polypropylene used in white goods has

  • Excellent performance over a range of different temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to household chemicals such as detergents and bleaches
Grades include:CortonTalc filled Polypropylene compounds
  Talc filled PP UL listed
  Calcium Carbonate filled Polypropylene compounds
  Barium sulphate filled Polypropylene compounds
  High heat polypropylene compounds
 ExtronGlass fibre reinforced polypropylene
  Glass Fibre & mineral filled polypropylene
  High rigidity PP compounds
 RetpolV0 polypropylene
  Flame retardant polypropylene
 EpalexImpact modified polypropylene
  Rubber modified Talc filled PP

PolyPacific is an industry leader with its compounds, masterbatches and resins being used for appearance and structural applications such as lids and consoles in the production of dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers. In maximising the energy and water saving benefits of white goods such as washing machines, the traditional steel tub, in many cases, has been replaced with polypropylene based materials. By using polypropylene, manufacturers can produce machines that reduce water consumption by 10% or up to 1.5 litres per load. In addition to these water savings, there is also the added benefit of saving water during production. Polypropylene offers excellent stiffness/impact properties and resists detergent up to 95 C, as well as being resistant to stress cracking or yellowing due to the combined effects of detergents and mechanical stresses.

PolyPacific prides itself on meeting the polypropylene requirements for a broad array of white goods such as washing machines, dishwashers and dryers. To find out how PolyPacific can be your polypropylene supplier call us at PolyPacific +613 9793 6000 or email us at customerservice@polypacific.com.au

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