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Polypropylene Plastic

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PolyPacific's polypropylene plastics and compounds are used in the manufacture of many appliances from large to small. These include dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines through to irons, toasters and vacuum cleaners in both appearance and structural applications.

The Use Of Polypropylene In Appliances

The use of polypropylene compounds in the appliance market as a replacement for traditional more expensive thermoplastic materials has been steadily increasing over the last twenty years.

There have been many advances in the development of polypropylene compounds such as high gloss, rigidity and heat performance gained through new filler and polymer technology. Flow and shrinkage analyses have now provided appliance designers with the freedom to use polypropylene compounds, such as PolyPacific's own mineral filled polypropylene range, as a cost effective alternative in applications that were previously only deemed suitable for amorphous thermoplastics. Non-yellowing properties means polypropylene compounds often replace traditional styrene-based polymers.

Today the successful production of large parts with minimal distortion and sink marks, such as washing machine top panels, are commonplace occurrences. In addition, PolyPacific's advances in materials and masterbatches allow for increased flexibility in structural and creative design for appliances.

PolyPacific has the polypropylene compound for your appliance manufacturing needs; call us at PolyPacific Australia +613 9793 6000 or email us at customerservice@polypacific.com.au. For PolyPacific Polymers Malaysia phone +60 3 3134 2850 or email us at customerservice@polypacific.com.my

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